We are not one of your elementary school teachers and these are not rules for which you'll be punished, but we ask you to read the following and consider it. We thank you nicely in advance.

1. If you can't attend the game, message us

This is the firt and the most important rule. Nothing is worse than to be left on the field alone. You can simply with a reply to a message signal your unability to attend. We will then instantly notify your coplayer and try to find him/her a replacement.

2. Being on time

Everbody hates waiting. A girl that that takes forever to change a dress, a friend who doesn't come after saying 'I'm there in a minute' ... We would love if you would rather come 5 minutes eary and use aditional time to warm up.

3. Check who you play against prior the game

Before the game starts things might get messy. So please check at home or over your mobile phone against who and on which court are you playing.

4. Play fair and get karma

If it was on the line don't call it was out. When the game ends congratulate an opponent whatever the end result. Don't be like that cheater from the movies who always loses in the end. You know what they say: “Karma's a bitch!“

5. Tell us who won

When the game ends, we ask you to mark who won the game. Only by this can we provide you and other players with equal coplayers.

See you on court! ,

Sportifiq team

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear them!


We read every letter!