Tennis court booking system - why use it?

Tennis court booking system benefits your club in many different ways. It enables your players to have the information about free and taken courts at any given time. This subsequently increases their awareness of all playing possibilities hence greatly increases the probability of creating a court reservation. Nowadays some if not majority of clubs still uses pen&paper solutions and are therefore deprived of many advantages modern and advances bookings systems can bring. One of them is pin pointing the so called "no-shows" or unreliable players who often book a tennis court and afterwards do not attend. These empty slots are costly for a sport club and we at Sportifiq put great effort into implementing mechanisms to prevent such occurrences.
Players love online court booking system!
Don't take our words for it, look at the stats gathered over the past 12 years. There were more than 6.000.000 court reservations made and more than 50000 players signed up.
We not only solve the problem booking a court but also provide mechanisms that enable players to find coplayers. Therefore we increase the number of games played at your sport club and create a win win situation.