Our goal is to increase the number of recreational sport activities
Sportifiq enables you to play seamlessly week after week with your friends. When friends are not around we make it easy to play with suitable players based on their quality of play, often are these friends of friends. Circle of existing sportive friends broadens and you stay in touch with existing ones through sport activities.

We often wanted to go out and play but found that none of our friends has time for a game or are currently unreachable.

With a goal for this to never happen again, that all of us would have a partner if we needed one, we created Sportifiq.

Since organizing a sport activity always goes hand in hand with finding available court we put some effort in solving this problem too. We hope Sportifiq will ease and stimulate organization of your sport activities :).

First in, last out,
Miha, Matic, Roq.

Made with love in Ljubljana, Slovenia ♥
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear them!


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Email: support@sportifiq.com
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