What players often ask

I forgot my password what on earth do I do now?
Near the password field in the sign in part you'll find a text saying 'Forgot password?'. Click on it and in a new dialog box enter your email. We will send you a link to reset your password and the world will be saved once again.
With the following package the booking cannot be made or the booking was tried to be made in too distant future. FML
Sport centers are allowed to use different settings which restrict players from doing some actions. Different packages can mean different available booking slots and different number of days ahead that bookings can be made with specific package. An example of a package is 'Membership A' or 'Package 20 hours'. Sport center managers can assign you a package.
I forgot my email? Help?
If you have forgotten your email address please contact managers at your sport center. They can tell you with which email you used to sign in.
How can I set my username?
You can set your username in settings - http://sportifiq.com/settings. You can then sign in with your username or email
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear them!


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